Extract imagehost_1.0.zip. Upload everything to public_html folder in your web server using FTP.

Create a MySQL database through Cpanel Control panel.

You need to change permission of following folders and files to 777.

chmod 777 public_html/uploads
chmod 777 public_html/thumb
chmod -R 777 public_html/app/storage
chmod 777 public_html/app/config/database.php
chmod 777 public_html/app/config/mail.php

You can do this with your FTP client software or control panel provided by web host. To change permission, right click on the folder you wish to change, then select 'properties'. Now enter 777 in the number box or check all squares.

Once all the files have been uploaded to your site, you should point your browser at this location with the addition of /install/.

For example, http://yourimagehostsite.com/install

When you have done this, you should see the Image Host installation screen

Image Host Installer

Clicking on Start Installation button will check the folder permissions and if everything is alright, you will get a page like below.

Permission Check

Click on continue and enter the MySQL database details

Database details

Click on save and continue to import the sql to your database.

Import SQL

After installation, You must delete or rename folder 'Install' in 'app/controllers'.