In order to submit API requests to YouTube's Data API v3, you must register your application to obtain the proper authorization credentials. Use the instructions below to register each application that contains YouTube activities to get your YouTube API Keys.

Go to and sign in with your Google account and Press the "Create Project" button

Create Project

On the New Project dialog, enter a project name in the "Project name" field and click the "Create" button (leave the Project ID as it's default).

Project name

In the sidebar on the left, select "APIs & auth" to expand the category, and then "APIs".

Apis & auth.jpg

In the list of APIs, select "YouTube Data API".

Youtube data API

Click the "Enable API" button to enable it in your project.

Enable API

In the sidebar on the left, select "Credentials" and click "Add Credentials" button and select API Key

API Credentials

On the "Create a new key" dialog, select "Browser Key"

Browser key

Click Create button

Create browser-API key

You should now see your application's "API key" value

Youtube console API key

Login to vShare admin > Configuration > Miscellaneous Settings > Youtube API Key

Set Youtube API Key in vShare