Multi Server Support

vShare added support for multiple storage servers to store and serve FLV File.

Storage servers only need

  • Web server (Apache / IIS / lighttpd).
  • FTP Access.

Once you added FTP server in vshare admin area, when a new video uploaded, after converting the video to flv format, it will be transfered to FTP server. Storage servers do not need any special requirements installed, it just need FTP access to upload the .flv file.

'''Adding Storage Server'''

To add storage server, login to vshare admin, click on

vShare Admin CP > Servers > Add Server

Now it ask following

  • Server URL
  • FTP Server IP
  • FTP Server Username
  • FTP Server Password
  • FTP Server Folder Name

For example, if your storage FTP server is on cpanel server with

Domain =
User = videoftp
Pass = 123456

You need to enter

Server URL =
FTP Server IP =
FTP Server Username = videoftp
FTP Server Password = 123456
FTP Server Folder Name = public_html

We enter folder name as public_html as cpanel servers need files uploaded to public_html folder, then only files can be downloded from the url

For plesk, you may need to use "httpdocs"

If you need to use a sub folder inside public_html, use

FTP Server Folder Name = public_html/folder

In this case, the file download url will be

So you shoule change Server Url with

Server URL =

Once you added a server, make sure it is active at

vShare Admin CP > Servers > List Server

Then upload a video, if video is not playing, check the FTP server and see if video is available on the server. If video is available and is not playing, try download the file with url and make sure you are able to download the video with its url.

You can check debug log after uploading a video to see if video get uploaded to FTP server or not. If FTP server is down or login details are not correct, video will get uploaded to local folder.

You will need outgoing port 21 open on your firewall to upload to remote storage server, most servers, this will be open, if connection to remote server fails even when server is online, you need to make sure firewall is not blocking port 21.