Video Processing

You can select "Video Processing" in admin area of vShare.

vShare Admin > Site Settings > Miscellaneous > Video Processing

Following are the available options

  • Realtime Processing
  • Batch Processing
  • Background Processing.

Real time Processing

In Real time Processing is as soon as the video is uploaded the video is processed while the user waits and when the video is finished it gives the user information on the video such as link, embedding, etc immediately. This works good for smaller videos and sites with less traffic. For large sites with lot of traffic, if many users upload video at same time and they all started conversion process, it take lot of cpu and can overload the web server.

Batch Processing

Batch Processing is setup using a cron job so that you can schedule a time for videos to be processed or a schedule of every x amount of minutes for the videos to be processed. Only one video is processed at a time. So if you have a busy site and users uploaded 10 video during peek hours, these videos will be added to process queue and processed one by one only. This will be good for web sites with lot of traffic or overloaded web servers.

Background Processing

Background processing starts processing immediately like in Real time Processing. But it doesn't have the user waiting for the encoding of the video to complete. Instead it tells the user that the video will be finished soon and the user can continue to surf the site while the uploaded video is being processed. This works good for larger videos that could take awhile to encode.