Video Settings

Video Output Format:

Values: MP4/FLV
Uploaded videos will convert to the selected format.

Video Processing:

Values: Batch Processing/ Realtime Processing/ Background Processing

Make Video Thumbnails with:

Values: mplayer/ ffmpeg
You can select here to create thumbnail with which command.


Values: yamdi/ flvtool/ None
Tool to find video meta data.

Notify user after processing:

Values: Yes/No
If Notify user after processing set to Yes, after uploading a video user will get an email with video details.

Delete FLV from Server:

Values: Yes/No
If multi server is enabled, video get converted to FLV, then get uploaded to remote server. If "Delete FLV from Server:" is set to YES, FLV video will get deleted from server.

Allow Guest Uploads:

Values: Yes/No
If Allow Guest Uploads set to Yes, all visitors can upload videos.

Guest Upload Added to:

You can set here to whome(a valid vshare username) will get the guest uploaded videos.

Upload Progress Bar:

Values: None/Uber-Uploader/HTML5
You can set which type of progress bar to show in upload page.

Maximum Thumbnail Width:

Set video thumbnail width. Recommended width is 250.

Maximum Thumbnail Height:

Set video thumbnail height. Recommended height is 130.