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vShare youtube clone script

By installing and using vShare YouTube Clone on your server, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

vShare is NOT free software and it is not open source. You must purchase a license from to use vShare YouTube Clone. A license grants you the right to run one instance (a single installation) of vShare on one web server and one web site for each license purchased.

All copyright notices used throughout the program, within the scripts and within the HTML that the scripts generate, MUST remain intact. "Powered by" wording that appears online, must remain visible to the human eye.

If we found you removed "Powered by vShare" and link to, you will not get any further update or security fix for your licence.

You have option to remove "Powered by vShare" link by paying one time link removel fee of $15.

Click here to Remove our "Powered By" copyright notice from one license.

License fees are non-refundable. We encourage you to verify that your server supports vShare YouTube Clone requirements before purchasing or you need to get a server with all the requirement to run vShare YouTube Clone.

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