Signup Settings

Allow User Signup

Values : Yes/No

If Allow User Signup is set to No, new users will not able to signup.

Signup Verification

Values : Enabled/Disabled

If signup verification is set to Enabled, after signup, user will be send a verification email, user need to click on the link in this email to verify his account. Only after verification, user will be able to login.

Notify Signup

Values : Enabled/Disabled

If Notify Signup is set Enabled, when new user signup, admin will get an email notification of new user signup.

reCaptcha Site Key

You need to sign up for an API key pair for your site, see more

reCaptcha Secret Key

To see instruction on how to enable Google reCaptcha, see

Date of Birth on Signup

Values : Yes/No

If Date of Birth on Signup set to Yes, when visitor signup they will be shown a field to enter visitor's data of birth.

Age Minimum

Values : Minimum Age(18)

Find age with Date of Bith and block users from signup who have age below Minimum Age. It will function only when Age Minimum Enforce set to Yes.

Age Minimum Enforce

Values : Yes/No

If Age Minimum Enforce set to Yes, only users who have age equal or above of Minimum Age will be allowed to signup.

Default Friend

Values : a valid vshare username

If Default Friend is not empty (a valid vshare username), when visitor signup this user will be automatically added as friend.